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This Star Wars Episode 0 Zero website reveals the early days and history of Young Yoda as he was growing up in the ancient years of the Old Republic. Our coverage of Young Yoda's life includes the following topics listed below. These time era settings could be the focus of future Star Wars movie film trilogy or a new next Star Wars TV television series show.

New adventures would focus on the early years of Young Yoda as a child growing up on his home planet world called Grentarik as a member of the Whill species race.

Exploration of the Whill society and the overall role the Whills have in the Star Wars galaxy as the primary gatherers and keepers of all the knowledge in the galaxy in their vast Codesunti Libraries, which span the entire length of Grentarik

Revelations of when the Jedi Order first invited Young Yoda to join the Jedi as a Jedi youngling and exactly when Young Yoda realized he had great Force talent and potential

Focus on the early years and first days of Yoda as a Jedi padawan and his many adventures with his Jedi Master named Bontu Sitmus

Chronicles battles Young Yoda had against the Dark Jedi rebels, who remained in the shadows hiding from the Sith Lords and Jedi Knights until the events of Star Wars 7 8 9 Episode Episodes 7 8 9

History of Young Yoda taking the Jedi Trials and passing with the highest score in the history of the Jedi Order

Story of how Young Yoda became a Jedi Master and eventually the overall highest ranking Jedi as the leader of the Jedi Council

Explore a light saber battle Young Yoda had with a Young Darth Maul although Young Yoda didn't realize at the time that he had encountered a true Sith Lord, who were thought to be extinct for several millennia

Showing the interactions between Young Yoda and Young Palpatine and the friendship they developed between each other

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Young Yoda Star Wars History First Adventures Early Days Years Origin

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